Why MyPlace?

People don’t rent their homes publically because, like us, they don't want strangers in their homes. Or, They are simply not allowed to use short term rental sites. 

That's why we built MyPlace. A platform for friends to share their homes with each other. 

Currently, MyPlace beta is a curated group of friends from around the world. The next version will allow each individual to curate their own networks.

Sign-up now to join our beta community and be first in line when we launch. 

No Tourists.  No Landlords. Just Friends.  

Community Guidelines

These guidelines are what uphold the integrity of our community and are enforced.

  1. Only MyPlace Admin verified friends can see your listing. Meaning no landlords or tourists.
  2. All prices are suggested donations are 'friend price.' Usually, just cost or even free.
  3. You don't have to ask for any donation. You can share for free.
  4. This is not a rental site. Remember sharing? Like kindergarten.
  5. Leave your friend's home better than you found it.
  6. Leave your home like you'd want to see it. 
  7. MyPlace is built on trust. 
  8. Please be cool.